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Track Well-being

Sensetel transforms your daily emotional ebb and flow into a colour labelled visual pattern - like musical notes scaled to create control and calibrated to enhance awareness

Measure Changes

Sensetel captures the within the voice the special features of neural data showing stress, anxiety, pain, depression and emotional blindness/alexithymia.

The daily fluctuations register a comprehensive picture. This can help identify and manage accompanying conditions such as ASD or Minor Cognitive Impairment.

ANXIETY Accuracy 78.5%
DEPRESSION Accuracy 75.81%
STRESS Accuracy 78.00%
PAIN Accuracy 74.40%

Identify Connectivity 

Sensetel creates the bridge connecting reflective functioning and effective emotion regulation. This is key to psychological wellbeing.

The system puts you in touch with yourself by making visible the low emotional connectivity/alexithymia that can propel higher levels of anxiety, pain and depression- creating reflective resilience and improved mood.

Minimise Stress

Sensetel data pattern recognition prompts simple coping strategies of breathing and heartbeat count to reduce short term anxiety spikes and increase wellbeing and longer term resilience through improved emotional flow

Assure Safeguarding

Independent accurate information about each social interaction between people and the pattern of psychological reaction in the response is the essential basis for evaluation in effective safeguarding.


By using Sensetel and Sensetel24 apps on smart devices, you can keep an informed eye on your own mental health and avoid situations or relationships that increase your anxiety or stress. Families can care for themselves and their loved ones with confidence and a far greater understanding of one another’s needs.

• Children with learning difficulties.
• Ageing parent/s who cherish living independently and refuse to be made a fuss over.
• Students who may be leaving home for the first time, or moving far from home.
• Young adults with learning difficulties, going to work and/or engaging with the outside world.
• Overseas relatives who may be missing their usual support network back home. 

Sensetel - nine years
in the making

The Team

Quinton Richards

Barrister-at-Law and Founder

Dr Samaneh Kouchaki

Lead AI Researcher

Prof Saeid Sanei

Senior Adviser - Signal Processing

Joseph Waylett

SEN and Safeguarding Lead

Prof Silke Paulmann

Lead Psychology Researcher

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