Our research has found that Sensetel and Sensetel24 consistently identify symptoms of anxiety and depression more accurately than doctors. The Sensetel apps provide data that will help doctors improve the accuracy of their diagnosis.

Silke Paulmann, Professor of Psychology at the University of Essex and Sensetel’s lead psychology researcher, says: “Looking at Sensetel’s success rates in accurately classifying recorded speech, it is clear that we can now help more people than ever, especially those who may otherwise suffer in silence.”


Our research shows that using Sensetel improves well-being through a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression. The tests we carried out over many months show just how closely these conditions are connected:

The correlation between anxiety
and depression is 0.84912 (~ 85%)

The correlation between anxiety
and stress is 0.66428 (~ 66%)

The correlation between stress
and depression is 0.75298 (~ 75%)

Our findings show that simply being able to label and assess objectively your mental state engenders higher levels of
well-being. The use of Sensetel over a month reduced the levels of these conditions as follows:

Stress decreased by an average 14.3%

Anxiety decreased by an average 9.4%

Depression decreased by an average 25.5% 

By choosing Sensetel for yourself, you’re likely to feel greater confidence in your well-being; by choosing Sensetel for your loved one, you’re sharing that benefit with them. 

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