According to neurobiologists, we all operate within the continuum of arousal. In essence, when we are well-adjusted to daily routine our body is in an optimal state and we enjoy a sense of well-being in a “window of tolerance” – we are able to access both reason and emotion, and we are mentally engaged and calm.

When our body is not in an optimal state and our mental systems are out of kilter, we start to feel the symptoms of stress that can lead to anxiety or depression.

If we fail to take notice of these symptoms and make changes to bring ourselves back into “the window of tolerance”, the stress, anxiety and depression become chronic and we suffer increasing anxiety (hyperarousal) and/or depression (hypoarousal). 

Sensetel and Sensetel24 give you an objective measure of your mental well-being. By monitoring your own or a loved one’s fluctuating stress levels, the apps help you to stay within the critical “window of tolerance” and to enjoy good mental health.


By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sensetel analyses the voice file of a phone conversation between two people and detects markers of stress, anxiety and depression in the modulation of voice frequencies. These markers cannot be hidden or masked, and it does not matter what is said or the language spoken.

These markers are a natural phenomenon, based on neuronal activity arising in the brain, specifically the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). The ACC lies in a unique position in the brain, with connections to the “emotional” limbic system and the “cognitive” prefrontal cortex. It also controls speech production, which is why there is an intimate link between the perception of emotions and their articulation through the voice.

Once the app is installed on your smart device and/or that of your loved one, Sensetel and Sensetel24 can detect early signs of stress, anxiety and depression, record these states and make them available for review on any computer or tablet.

Voice markers may vary according to the circumstances of each call, so the full picture is built up over a number of phone conversations, generally over a 7 to 10-day period. In this way, no one call has a disproportionate impact on the analysis, and the level of well-being is assessed by identifying trends of improvement or deterioration.

By recording data in this way, the Sensetel apps help you to identify problems and take timely steps to reduce stressors for yourself or your loved one.


Every person’s voice is as unique as a fingerprint. The profile enables Sensetel to identify accurately and securely the voice print.

Sensetel's innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques have been rigorously trained through repeated testing of the variations and degrees of depression and anxiety, using 1,957 voice samples cross-validated by GAD7 and PHQ9 tests. 


Reduces uncertainty: 
We all like to project an optimistic, happy face, especially to those we love; but behind the façade might lie a deeper sense of stress, anxiety or depression. The longer stress exists without relief, the greater the chance that anxiety and/or depression will develop. The Sensetel apps act on the realities of the feedback loop between stress, anxiety and depression. In this way, Sensetel and Sensetel24 let you gauge your own and your loved one’s true feelings quickly and reliably.

Respects boundaries: 
When you are caring for someone close to you, being in regular or continuous contact can create a blind spot that prevents you from noticing small changes in their mental
well-being. Sensetel and Sensetel24 will ensure that these changes are not overlooked, and that you know when to step in and offer support to your loved one without being
over-protective and intrusive.

Reinforces relationships: 
With this foundation of deeper insight, the Sensetel apps give families a permanent conduit for communication, however busy or physically apart they are. Everyone benefits from a shared confidence, care and warmth, while respecting one another’s independence. Sensetel and Sensetel24 let you know when you need to be there for your loved ones, and when you don’t, so that you can be confident about their wish to retain some autonomy.  

NOTE: Designed to bolster relationships, Sensetel can be used only if consent is actively given by both phone users, and permission can be withdrawn by either user at any time.

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